Charlotte - 27/09/14
I maybe just really skeptical but the story of the Four sound bites Vine seems suspicious. First, the timing. It hits right after SMG is officially released. SMG intro is accused of sounding just like another song and it received mix reactions. Second, if someone was genuinely listening to Four why not play the whole song? Why just a few seconds here and there (almost giving a sampling)? Third, that door was not from any trendy hotel room the 5SOS boys would stay at or any modern hotel.


I’m going to add what crumblinghouseofcards said to me about this issue:

Sidenote: Just curious about your thoughts on the leak?.. Maybe I’m just becoming overly suspicious of everything this band does lately, but I just find it strange that a random girl 1) can roam freely in the hallway of 5sos hotel & floor, 2) hears Ashton laughing inside a room 3) sit outside a penthouse door for the duration of 6 full songs (that’s what.. about 20 minutes) with no one noticing 4) only gets six (6 second) clips of songs because she ‘no space on her phone’ to record full songs. (This is all from her Twitter account)

I don’t know, I just don’t think its out of the question for management to have reached out to a girl and set something like this up in order to leak a few small short clips of new stuff right around release time ( which doesn’t do as much damage as a full album leak) and make it look like a complete fluke from a fan. And again its done through social media where it’ll spread like wildfire.

At first I was completely convinced that the leak was just chance, and not planned by 1DHQ (for once), but you guys are making me question that.

I think there are a few main things that are suspicious:

1) Where was security?

It must be quite common for fans to try to infiltrate the hotels that the 5SOS boys are staying at. That’s why they have security. This is exactly the sort of thing that they are supposed to prevent, and I have no reason to think that they are bad at their jobs. So how did she manage to get into the correct hall and lurk there for so long? Do fans frequently manage to do this? It seems very odd.

2) Why did we only get 6 second clips of each song?

Her reason/excuse is that her phone was full. But she had plenty of time (as noted, 6 songs would take about 20 minutes) in which she could have deleted stuff like crazy. Even if we only got clips of the first songs, why wouldn’t we get full versions of the later ones?

It’s also suspicious because leaking clips is much less detrimental to the band than leaking full songs. (Not that I think it would have mattered at this quality level). They themselves release clips ahead of time. It just looks a bit like the content was intentional.

3) The Timing

This happens immediately after Steal My Girl was released. The fandom, and even the general public’s, conversation regarding Four has looked like this:

Fireproof released: This is amazing! It’s so different from their old stuff. They’re really maturing their sound and rebranding.

Steal My Girl released: Oh. Nevermind. This is typical 1D fare. Fireproof was probably a one-off and the album is going to be all over the place like Midnight Memories.

Vines released: There’s a lot of different sounds here! Maybe Steal My Girl is the one-off, and the overall sound of the album will be more mature.

Would it make sense to release a sampling of the album after Steal My Girl got a less-than-stellar reception and sparked significant conversation that the new album was going to be just like their old stuff? Yes, it certainly would. That alone makes the whole thing suspicious.

4. Why was the music blasting?

The music was being played very loudly in a hotel where 5SOS were known to be staying, with security apparently doing nothing to keep fans out of the area. Who would think that’s a good idea? Who would feel the need to blast unreleased music in the first place? Why not just use headphones? It’s not that suspicious on its own, but it was certainly an odd choice if this wasn’t a stunt.

I’m not going to firmly say that this was a stunt. If it was, it’s a pretty good and subtle one. But it is a bit shady and I would not be in the least surprised to learn that it was a planned leak.

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